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General history of Epirotan Kings

Kings of

Epirus is a province of Greece, separated from Thessaly and Macedonia by mount
Pindus. The most powerful people of this country were the Molossians.

The kings of
Epirus pretended to derive their descent from Pyr­rhus, the son of Achilles, who established himself in that country; and called themselves Aeacidae, from Aeacus, the grandfather of Achilles.
b The genealogy of the latter kings, who were the only sovereigns of this country of whom any accounts remain, is variously related by authors, and consequently must be doubtful and obscure.

Arymbas ascended the throne, after a long succession of kings ; and as he was then very young, the states of Epirus, who were sensible that the welfare of the people depends on the proper edu­cation of their princes, sent him to Athens, which was the residence and centre of all the arts and sciences, in order to cultivate, in that excellent school, such knowledge as was necessary to form the mind of a king. He there learned the art of reigning, and as he surpassed all his ancestors in ability and knowledge, he was in con­sequence infinitely more esteemed and beloved by his people than they had been. When he returned from
Athens, he made laws, established a senate and magistracy, and regulated the form of the government.

Neoptolemus, whose daughter Olympias had espoused Philip king of Macedon, attained an equal share in the regal government with Arymbas his eldest brother, by the influence of his son-in-law. After the death of Arymbas, Aeacides, his son, ought to have been his successor ; but Philip had still sufficient influence to procure his expulsion from the kingdom by the Molossians, who established Alexander, the son of Neoptolemus, sole monarch of

Alexander espoused Cleopatra, the daughter of Philip, and marched with an army into Italy, where he lost his life in the country of the Brutians.

Aeacides then ascended the throne, and reigned without any associate in Epirus, He espoused Phthia, the daughter of Menon the Thessalian, by whom he had two daughters, Deidamia and Troas, and one son, the celebrated Pyrrhus. As he was marching to the assistance of Olympias, bis troops mutinied against him, condemned him to exile, and slaughtered most of his friends, Pyrrhus, who was then an infant, happily escaped this massacre. Neoptolemus, a prince of the blood, but whose particular extrac­tion is little known, was placed on the throne by the people of

Pyrrhus, being recalled by his subjects at the age of twelve years, first shared the sovereignty with Neoptolemus ; but having after­wards divested him of his dignity, he reigned alone. This historv will treat of the various adventures. He died in the city of
Argos, in an attack to make himself master of it. Helenus, his son, reigned after him for some time in Epirus, which was afterwards united to the
Roman empire.

The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians … By Charles Rollin, p Cix


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